The podcast episode where it all began

Hi there. It’s Jeremy, one of Outwild's cofounders. Storytelling is something that's really important to us here at Outwild, so I thought I'd share a little bit about my story and how Outwild was formed...

A couple of years ago, I was really stuck. I was frustrated that my career and lifestyle didn’t align more with my values and interests (things like traveling and spending time outside), but I didn’t know how to make a change. I was so busy with my job and responsibilities that I felt like I never had the time to try and figure out how things could be different. I’ll be honest, I carried on like this for a long time - too long, and it made me start to feel depressed.

After reaching a point where I despised myself for never making any real progress, I eventually realized I had to figure out what was getting in my way. After countless hours of reading, researching, and reflecting - it dawned on me what the problem was. I was scared. Even worse, I was in denial that I was scared.

Once I was able to admit it and accept it, I forced myself to visualize all of my worst fears. The fear of judgment, inadequacy, and failure. Interestingly enough, the moment I came to terms with my fears was also the moment I gained the most clarity on my vision. A fire started to burn hot in my belly and I decided it was time to take action.

Shortly thereafter, I had the crazy idea to start a podcast. I wanted to meet other people who cared about what I care about, and who were living the way I wanted to live. That’s when I ran across Sanni McCandless. Sanni is a life and transition coach for the outdoor-minded and helps people live more intentional lifestyles. I interviewed her on my podcast and we hit it off. A few months later, we teamed up with our friend Courtney and decided to create Outwild.


At the end of the day, we started Outwild because we recognize a lot of people are in the position I was in: short on time to dedicate to things like personal growth, spending time outside, and meeting inspiring people. We truly believe that designing a life you love is within reach, we just have to learn the tools and set aside the time to do it .

Anyway, that's a little bit about myself :)

Thanks for reading,