Introducing you to the Outwild trees! 🌲

Courtney here! Today I'm writing from Salt Lake City where a thick layer of smog blocks my view of the Wasatch Mountain Range (which is only one mile away). For the greater part of two months, my phone has been warning me that the air is "unhealthy for sensitive groups" and my friends and I flock to the mountains in order to feel like we can breathe again. Winters in Salt Lake are a constant reminder of our impact on this planet.

With pollution top of mind and the guilt of my daily commute weighing heavily, I found a beacon of light this week when Team Outwild got an email from our partners at Mossy Earth. Mossy Earth helps individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint through native tree planting. We partnered with them in 2018 to give our Outwild Festival attendees the option to offset their travel to Southern California, and we are thrilled to say that almost 70% of our participants chose to donate! This means we now have a small forest in Ireland of 22 trees - SO COOL!

What's even cooler is that Mossy Earth took pictures of our trees (note: they are adorable) and sent us the GPS coordinates of their location. For those of you who love trees as much as I do or just need a little fresh air and optimism, check out this awesome project below :)

Team at Outwild Festival,
Thank you for planting 22 trees at our Foraois Project in southern Ireland.

Ireland was once the most forested land in Europe, now it’s the least. Today Ireland has just 11% tree cover, only 2% of which is native forests.

In time, your trees will help reforest Ireland’s lost woodlands while storing more than twenty two tons of CO2. All species planted are native to the area and serve a crucial function in restoring biodiversity to the local ecosystems. What’s more, your trees will help salvage lost areas of natural beauty for future generations to enjoy. 

Photos of Your Trees
Transparency is paramount at Mossy Earth. This is why we photograph and GPS tag every tree we plant.

Tree ID - click to view photoGPS CoordinatesIR_B_275N52°53'31.17" W9°20'10.58"IR_B_276N52°53'31.25" W9°20'11.13"IR_B_277N52°53'31.40" W9°20'11.08"IR_B_278N52°53'31.40" W9°20'11.08"IR_B_279N52°53'31.43" W9°20'10.93"IR_B_28N52°53'27.67" W9°20'18.31"IR_B_280N52°53'31.38" W9°20'10.61"IR_B_281N52°53'31.34" W9°20'10.62"IR_B_282N52°53'31.37" W9°20'10.69"IR_B_283N52°53'31.45" W9°20'10.67"IR_B_284N52°53'31.39" W9°20'10.67"IR_B_285N52°53'31.47" W9°20'10.82"IR_B_286N52°53'31.36" W9°20'11.12"IR_B_287N52°53'31.42" W9°20'10.93"IR_B_288N52°53'31.46" W9°20'11.04"IR_B_289N52°53'31.46" W9°20'11.04"IR_B_29N52°53'27.76" W9°20'18.36"IR_B_290N52°53'31.25" W9°20'9.95"IR_B_291N52°53'31.25" W9°20'9.95"IR_B_292N52°53'31.22" W9°20'9.81"IR_B_293N52°53'31.24" W9°20'9.61"IR_B_294N52°53'31.25" W9°20'9.49"


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