Adventure trip planning featuring Brody Leven

Hey Outwilders!

I don't know about all of you, but with the changing of seasons I've been thinking a lot about some adventures I took this summer and some I didn't get around to. Between the endless weddings, work, and family obligations it can be hard to make time for getting out there. Not to mention the effort that goes into planning big expeditions! Sometimes that in itself is daunting.

But recently I sat down with Brody Leven for an interview on the Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast and felt re-inspired to get some cool trips on the books. Brody is a professional adventurer (as well as an active outdoor advocate) and, let me tell you, he has a thing or two to say about creating amazing trips. Hearing about the efficient way he plans, coupled with his eye for inspiring lines, beautiful places, and determination to get outside refueled my desire to dream up my next big adventure!

Here are a couple of Brody's more recent endeavors:

Brody’s pre-expedition gear stack (Photo: Brody Leven)

Brody’s pre-expedition gear stack (Photo: Brody Leven)

Keep on keepin' on Outwilders!


PS - If you want a more detailed deep dive of Brody’s shenanigans, check out our chat on the most recent episode of theAdventurepreneur Playbook podcast.